NIJI MAGAZINE - To achieve in life you need dedication, commitment and self-belief: Introducing Non Stop Working (N.S.W)

Back in 2006 the grime scene hadn’t quite established itself. Non Stop Working (N.S.W) wanted to follow and capture various artists working towards a vision that no one had seen before. As a brand they wanted to show the world the long hours, the studio sessions, the live shows and recordings these artists had put in to get noticed. They wanted to show the Non Stop Working attitude!

Who is your target audience/demographic?

Our Target audience is everyone in the UK and around the world. We believe that we are all working towards a dream or a goal in life. Regardless of the job. Whether someone is an athlete, an artist, an entrepreneur or businessman or woman, we all have that one vision on our minds. It is that vision that best embodies the slogan of our brand. We aim to be a positive reminder to all that the job isn’t finished yet.

Once you had the idea, how did you go about implementing it?

Originally the idea was to capture footage and release a DVD under the brands name. Our next step was to venture into the fashion industry to raise awareness of our new forming brand. To do this we decided to print up a line of t-shirts and do a collaboration photo shoot with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, a well know figure in the fashion industry in France.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Knowing that ten years ago today the Grime scene had never been heard of, other than in small parts of London! Because of ten years of hard work artists like Skepta, Dizzee Rascal, Lethal Bizzle and Stormzy are now recognised globally as leading UK grime artists. This wasn’t by luck or chance but because they never stopped working.

What existing brands would you compare N.S.W with? Why should people buy/invest in your brand?

We would like to think that you could compare N.S.W with existing brands such as Nike, Puma or Adidas. Preferably Nike, due to their slogan Just Do It which sends out a positive message, one that is quite similar to our ‘make it happen attitude’.

Who would be your dream customer/muse?

It would have to be none other than P Diddy aka Shaun puffy combs. His work rate and consistency has been incredible from the very beginning to now. He hasn’t stopped working.

Tell us about your manufacturing process, how do you ensure the highest quality when producing N.S.W garments?

With high quality goods. We provide our clients, customers and fans with quality that’s worth telling people about. Our process is very much based around durability, comfort, softness, quality and fit. Keeping these important elements in mind allow people trust and want to wear our brand.

Tell us about your latest line, what is your favourite/most popular item(s)?

The latest collection and most popular garment to date, would be our Classic Slim Fit Tracksuits which are available in black, royal blue and olive green. The quality and fabric of this garment is outstanding! It is a stylish and classic tracksuit not to be missed.

Being an independent brand what challenges have you faced and what advice would you give to others?

In this line of business, challenges are not things to run away from, instead they are things you must face head on. There are lots of people who have failed in this business simply because they didn’t plan adequately for the challenges they would face. Our advice would be to prepare yourself and start in phases. You should start small and produce in little batches to avoid running into too many losses. However, we all take losses so don’t allow that to deter you from your vision and your dream. Work until you reach that goal.

What’s next for N.S.W clothing?

N.S.W will not just be focusing on clothing. We will expand our options and move on to bigger things in the future. For now, we would like to keep these discreet. Wait and see!

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