Non Stop Working Interview with New York rapper Saint Pierre

On our trip to New York we took time to interview Saint Pierre, who is a rapper from The Bronx. Saint is known from his diversity of culture into his music and fashion, he shot with Non Stop Working garments before the interview. Check out the photos and the interview:  

What is Berri Life ? 
Berri Life is a life style that revolves around fun, good vibes, Music, Art, Fashion, anything with creativity I have people from around the world that live this life. We also use the word BERRI as a replacement word. 
For example. You can tell a girl "whats up love, pull up with your berries to the club, is gonna be berri lit ..... Plus we can all smoke berries inside. 
What is the meaning of Non Stop Working to you especially as a musician / creatives? 
It's going the extra step and over committing to your craft. 
What is the inspiration behind your music and fashion? 
The inspiration behind my music would be emotions & life. When I'm recording the beat always triggers some type of emotion whether it be from an encounter or something i've seen. Music is really what feelings sound like and as for fashion my inspiration would be pieces outside the box I've never liked to follow trends. I just work with what I got, some times I'll get a piece that doesn't match anything I have ..... I'll save it & end up finding something another time (could be a month later lol) 
Did you have some kind of plan to get involved with fashion or has is just evolved? 
As a kid I would reconstruct & add on to my wardrobe I like to be different.... Then I quickly realized that money could be made which lead to me producing my own merchandise.
What's your latest wardrobe purchase? 
A Cisum Couture t-shirt & a pair of ref simmons 
Where is your favourite spot in New York?
The Bronx 
Have you ever been to Europe before? 
Yes I have I was there on tour before and it was definitely a beautiful place, friendly and the fashion is always a perfect fit. Also the 420 vibe is super berri 💪🏽
I can't wait to come back 
What's next on the agenda? Anything in the pipeline you'd like to share?
I have more videos and music of course and I'm focused on booking more shows out of the country to interact with my world wide supporters. I recently was brought to Tokyo Japan to perform at a dope hip hop event which was an incredible experience & I shot my latest video their so shout out them for bring me out. 
How did you hook up with the guys at Non Stop Working Clothing ? 
From my bro FireSkyhighfly he showed me the brand/what he wanted to do all the looks was definitely dope & we did what we do best .....Work ! 
What's on the playlist right now?
Saint Pierre / Rick Ross / 6lack / few others & something motivational 
Related to your song how can she be #badbutshegood? 
Hahaha in the hook I say "She a bad bit#h but She's good to me"
so I mean a girl can be so bad weather it be, sexy / fly / etcetera she might be hard to get or stuck up, never show another guy any type of love but when it comes to me that same girl can also be very easy to talk too, very nice and will do anything for me or a guy she really feels is worth it. It's a double entendre 
What do you think of Kanye Wests antics this year? Genius or damaging?
 I would say nothing because that's what a wise man once said ..........🙏🏽


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